Monday, January 31, 2011

7 ge long dong qiang dong qiang!

The CNY atmosphere is all around me! WooHoo!
Happy Year of Rabbit!
Focus that bunny on astro's advertisement! 
So adorable right?
I wished that I had a two weeks of chinese new year holiday!
But unfortunately, it is only one week holiday. 
Ehem, last night had an early reunion dinner with my pals.
Yum Yum!
For more details of the picture, please go to . :)
Thanks for the cooperation. xD

Erm... Happy Bunny Year! :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ello! :D
Well, I'm so lazy to update my blog.
But but, since somebody asks me to update, then I update lur. xD
Last week, I went to singapore. And bout those photos, I don't want to recall the memories again.
The photos are too ugly! :(
Friday today, I'm absent to school!
You know why?
Coz it's calligraphy day!
So, there's no point for me to go to school. ^^
And, I love friday so much! Espeacially 28th of january.
Want to know the reason?
This is my own secret!
Wee :D
I found some funny pictures!

Mario in Astro Boy Version!

PS: Yesh!!! CNY is coming!!! :D

Friday, January 14, 2011


The snap of my hair and fringe tied up!
Oh yes! Its the second friday of year 2011 !
In school today, had an interview of leo club bout the anniversary thingy.
I'm so so so nervous, and I'd forgot all the things I memorized before that!
It was like OMG!
When I'm saying the leo pledge out, I missed out one sentence, and I couldn't realize it until the president told me. 
You can see how nervous am I!
And and,  they also asked the name of the lions club of kampar.
I was like," huh???" 
Lots of questions on my mind on that time. I can't even say out the surname of him!
So, I only have to ask whats the first letter of the surname!
I shall say I'm in the MF situation. -.-
Ahh, just forget about this thing.

Saturday tomorrow, I'm going to Kl for the hunt of my CNY clothes. 
So, I will be absent in the road race tomorrow.
Remembered the road race in 2010, my friends and I, walk through the whole journey.
Look carefully, we were WALKING, but not JOGGING nor RUNNING!
But luckily, we were not the last to reach there!
Not bad wert! xD (still dare to say not bad wer, *tak mau face -.-)

Oh My Goodness, suddenly ran out of words. -.-
Will repost again very SOON! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sad 2011

Horrible! Its so horrible and terrible! crying emoticon
Can't stay in the same class with all my friends.
Some were in the other class. 
When I were still in form 3, I'm expecting my form 4 life with so much of fun!
But, now?
I hate my class and my school. flipping the bird emoticon
Its because of there's a new syllabus of studies, and the most important is melia, yeang, lai leng, miko and wai yin  are in the other class. 
Oh God! 
We can't talk loudly in the class together, sing together and argue with the unfriendly teachers together! ARGH!
So, can't study with a bunch of friends are not fun at all! crying emoticon
Hope tomorrow we can study in the same class like last time. 
Really hope so!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

And a happy new year!

It's 30th of december already! Tomorrow's 31st, and I may be going to countdown! Yay!!
School is gonna reopen. And I've to dye my brown hair into dark brown again! But, my mum doesn't let me dye. -.- Strange. 
As you see, that's me in the red circle. My hair is in orange under the sun! Howly!
If I go to school with this hair colour, definitely I'll be kick back to home. :( 
That's why I'll have to dye it back. But, I really love this colour so much! 
For the sake of my discipline marks, I'm forced to make it normal again. 

I hope I'm 18 now and drive to anywhere! 

I love short post! Yay!!! :D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The xx times I renew my blog.

School is gonna reopen soon. Form 4 life is approaching. Hope my friends and me can be in the same class, coz we got a pretty good result! :)) 
Oh ya, should I get an iPhone 4 for my reward? But the hazel phone of mine just bought it few months ago, not until half of year! If I buy the iPhone 4 now, I will feel like I was so "bai ga". But but but, the iPhone 4 is just so attractive!  SEE!!

Let's SCREAM when we saw iPhone 4! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
You may ask why I dun get myself a laptop?
Because, I've got it before my pmr result was announced! swt. =.=
Oh no! I'm out of words.. So, I'll continue blogging tonight. Deal! xD